About Us

At Great Plains Equipment Rental we are genuinely interested in you as a customer.  Once you make the decision to do business with us, we dedicate ourselves to making sure you are very happy with every experience you have with us.  You want the rental process to be simple and inexpensive, and you want clean, modern equipment delivered on-time.  We know this, and that's why scheduling a piece of equipment can be accomplished with a quick phone call, online reservation, or email. The equipment will have been thoroughly inspected prior to delivery, and delivery and pick up of the equipment will be free of charge if local and $350 or more, if not, delivery and pick up are charged at very reasonable rates.

We don't charge the rates and fees other rental companies do.  We aren't looking for new and creative ways to charge our customers.  We can pass these savings to the customer and continue to remain profitable - so that's what we're going to do.

We hope you have a great experience renting from us.

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