30 yard Roll-off Dumpster


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30-yard Roll-off Dumpster Rentals from Great Plains Equipment Rental

$240.00 (before taxes) includes Delivery/Pick up, and one haul off of 8,000 pounds of construction and demolition waste for a 28 day rental.

Additional $45.00 fee for each ton over. Each additional haul-off after the first is $140.00.

Perfect for small construction projects.

  • Commercial/Multi-Family Construction.
  • Large Residential Construction.
  • Land Clearing/Landscape.
  • Large Warehouse junk cleanups.
  • Commercial/Insulated Roofing.


Can I put Rock, Concrete, bricks, or masonry In the dumpster?

No. We do not allow any of these in the dumpsters. Customers will be responsible for any damage done to the dumpster by unwanted materials.

Can I put soil or clean dirt in the dumpster?

Yes, we do allow dirt but you can only fill the dumpster 1/3 (one third) full if putting dirt in the dumpster. Dirt can also damage the dumpster causing costly repairs.? Customers are responsible for repairs, removing materials that are too heavy, and paying for dump costs etc.

What can I put in my roll off dumpster?

You can place most items in our roll off dumpsters. There are exceptions and these are detailed in the contract and you will be given a copy of these items upon delivery. The items not allowed are televisions, pressurized containers (like propane tanks), items that contained Freon in them (like refrigerators or window units) florescent light bulbs, things that will dry and stick in the container (paint, tar, wet concrete etc), any hazardous or toxic waste, tires. This list is subject to change without notice based on the landfill requirements. If something is placed in the container that the landfill does not accept the item will be returned to you and an additional charge will apply.

How full can I fill the roll-off dumpster?

There are 2 things that limit how much you can put in the dumpster. Weight and size. Legally we can carry 10 tons or 20,000 pounds in our dumpsters. After 20,000 pounds we are over the legal carry weight. All trash must be below the top of the container. We drive down the road and although we tarp all of our loads trash above the top can slide under the tarp or blow out. This flying trash can hit other vehicles causing damage. This flying trash also is bad for our environment and does not keep Lubbock looking nice. We want safe travel without loosing trash so all items must be below the top of the container. If the container is overloaded you may be required to empty it out and or pay an additional charge.


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