8″ Floor Drum Sander


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The Essex Silver Line SL8 is an industry leader for floor sanding. When it comes to refinishing hard wood flooring, paying for this service is very expensive. Renting the floor sander and floor edge sander allows the DIY-er to complete this process at a fraction of the cost. The design of the SL8 ensures that floors will not be gouged and that sanding will be EVEN, unlike other sanders that use and “expandable” style drum. The design also allows for STRAIGHT sanding because it rides on the drum and the wheels both.

Sanding belts are available for purchase in our store.


Power: 1hp electric motor, 115v (regular residential wall outlet)

Amps: 14

Sanding Belt Dimensions: 8″ x 20 3/16″ paper

RPM: 1,800 constant speed

Length: 28″

Width: 15″

Height: 34″

Weight: 115 lbs

Sanding Drum Width: 8″

SL-8 Sander


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