Walk Behind Remote-Controlled Trench Roller Compactor


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Designed for base preparation, compaction around footings and foundations and backfilling of trenches, the Bomag BMP8500 Walk Behind Remote-Controlled Trench Roller Compactor boasts center-point articulated steering for enhanced maneuverability in confined areas. It is controlled via a dual function radio/cable remote control for reliable, safe operation from outside the trench.

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  • Standard umbilical cord/radio remote control increase versatility and enhance safety.
  • Standard bolt-on drum extensions increase versatility.
  • Front and rear scarpers on each drum prevent material pick-up.
  • High amplitude and centrifugal force providing versatility in many cohesive types of soil.
  • Easily accessible lifting point provides easy loading and unloading.
  • Swing-out and up covers expose 90 percent of components providing quick and easy maintenance.
  • High compaction output because of two exciter shafts per drum and directed forces into compacted material.
  • Articulated Steering for excellent maneuverability.
  • Articulated steering
  • Dual function cabled / radio remote control box
  • Standard dual working widths of 24 and 33.5 inches
  • 1 inch padfoot height
  • High centrifugal force and amplitude
  • 2 selectable amplitudes
  • Double exciter system with directed vibration
  • Intelligent vibration control (IVC)
  • 2 scrapers per drum
  • Water cooled Kubota engine with ECOMODE
  • 2 travel speed ranges
  • Spring-applied, hydraulically-released (SAHR) parking brake
  • Balanced, hinged center lift point
  • Swing out/up covers
  • Lockable hoods
  • Easy service concept
  • Diagnostic module with failure codes
  • Diesel filter with water separator

Bomag BMP8500 Spec Sheet



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